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Ultimate Amazon software solution to gain internal advantage over your competitors!

Most Popular Features of the tool

100% Extract Any Amazon Reviewer's Personal Email!

Amazon doesn't tell you who left you the bad review. 

Luckily with the real contact info provided by our software, you can now email your buyers directly! Offer them a replacement or refund, and kindly ask them to remove their reviews/feedback!

  • The emails extracted are real emails buyers used to register their Amazon accounts. Success rate is 100%. 
  • You can extract any buyer's personal email by submitting his review link or order ID to our system.
amazon vine VOICE review

Get up to 35 Amazon official VINE VOICE Reviews

  • 100% safe and high quality review provided by Amazon approved reviewers, so Amazon won't delete the Vine reviews you get! 
  • Vine reviewers are the best of the best and they often leave lengthy reviews with pictures and videos! Their reviews are trusted by buyers as they only leave their honest opinion. 
  • VINE reviews are given the most weight in terms of listing quality score, ranking and review rating. Extremely helpful for all products, especially the new ones.
  • You don't need to be brand registered or own any vendor central account. 
  • Support All Amazon Marketplaces!
amazon product launch

Amazon Internal ASIN Report: Spy On Your Competitors!

With this ASIN report exported directly from Amazon, you can abandon all your other keyword research tools, seriously...

Here is what you can get from this Amazon internal report:

  1. Daily organic sales since the product launch date.
  2. Exact search terms that are driving organic traffic and sales to it.
  3. Percentage of sales and traffic generated by each keyword.

Stop wasting time on keyword selection. Optimise your product based on the most sales-generating keywords of your competitors!

Amazon Internal Store PPC Reports 3-in-1

Powerful store report set exported directly from Amazon, which contains 3 individual reports for the entire store:

  1. Business report: Just like the business report you see from your sellercentral, now you can view the daily impression, traffic and sales of all products in your competitor's store!
  2. Sponsored ads keyword report: Find out which match type is performing the best for each keyword.
  3. Sponsored ads search term report: Just like the ppc search term report you see from your sellercentral, now you can view the impressions, CTR, traffic, sales, CV, ACoS of each search term in your competitor's automatic and manual campaigns!

This can save you thousands of dollars from ads testing. Take advantage of it as it tells you directly what are the best performing search terms with the lowest ACoS in your competitor's campaigns!!!

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    No need to link your Sellercentral Account!
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    No need to download or install any extension!
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    No subscription cost, pay as you go!


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    100% Accurate, Safe and Legit data!
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    100% Confidentiality of the data you extracted!
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    100% Success rate!

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what our users are saying:

"Fbareview.pro is my all time favorite software. It helped me improve my product rating from 3.5 to 4.8 now in 1 month!

I email buyers directly after I got their personal email, offer them a new product or refund, and follow up with phone call in a few days to kindly ask them remove their review/feedback if they are satisfied with my service.

This works so much better than message buyers through Amazon, as they tend to ignore my message and I cannot ask them to remove reviews under Amazon's eyes.

My sales increased dramatically after my rating improved from 3.5 to 4.8! Thank you guys!"

Anna - Amazon seller

"I have accumulated 50k+ buyers in my email list now from 8 major product categories.

I email them every week with niche-related articles & videos to keep them engaged. Every time when I help my client launch a new product, I just email them and can get 1000+ sales the next day! These people are more likely to leave 5-star reviews for my clients than random buyers, as I have been providing them with so much value all the time!

Also I have never failed ranking a keyword on page 1 by asking these buyers to manually search for my keyword and then buy using the 90% off coupon! 

This may look like a big investment upfront. But it saves you much more ads cost in the long run!"

Marc - Amazon consultant

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